Clubs and Activities

Piarist offers a wide variety of clubs and activities that encourage students to learn leadership skills, teamwork, and responsibility. We also work to create a safe space for our students to have fun and enjoy one another's company!


Art Club

Art club is dedicated to helping students hone their art skills, learn new techniques, and learn to work with new mediums. 

Drama Club

The Piarist drama club hosts events for the school and local community, such as plays and the annual haunted house. In this club, the students choose the play and themes. They are also responsible for creating all of the sets and elements of their productions.

Environmental Club

The environmental club is committed to projects geared toward environmental awareness and campus beautification.

Knights for Christ

The Knights for Christ meet during lunch once a week for devotionals. This club also leads charity projects to help people in the local community. 

Music Club

Music club is a student-led band, where students who are interested in staying after school and learning songs as a group can create together. 

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization for high school students, which consists of many chapters. Selection is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Members of NHS are chosen by a faculty selection committee. Students submit applications their sophomore and junior years and can either be accepted as juniors or seniors. 

Spanish Club

The Spanish club is for students who take an extra interest in Hispanic culture and wish to share it with the school community. This club hosts dances, takes field trips, and fundraises by selling Hispanic snacks and homemade cuisine during the lunch period. 

Writing Club

Writing club is for our students who are dedicated to creative writing, whether their works be short stories, poems, or novels. This club gives students a space to share their ideas and motivate one another to complete creative works by setting common goals.

Student Activities

Fall Honky Tonk

A country-themed outdoor event in the fall with food, games, and campfires.

Spring Luau

A Hawaiian-themed outdoor event in the spring with food, games, and dancing.


Various clubs host school dances throughout the year. Some dances are casual while others may be more formal.


Lock-ins are a unique part of Piarist student life. They may be hosted during the school day or in the evening. During lock-ins, students are chaperoned in the building where they hang out, play games, eat food, and join teams to participate in school-wide competitions.

Piarist Prom

The Piarist Prom is hosted by the student council every year. All high school grades are invited to attend.

Field Days

Field days are in-school events where students are transported to the Dewey Dam Spillway and engage in organized games and activities.

Halloween Costume Contest

Every year the students dress up for Halloween and a costume contest is held during the school day.